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Some Idea to Theotown

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Hello Guys,this is my first time at the forum,so I wanted to share my idea for Theotown.This Proposals for idea will be posted in 24 hours.
I Will post the idea in .txt file as fast as soon


Dude, you mean "As Soon As Possible" or ASAP?


This is First Part
Firstly, Theotown© is a city management game for Android© .So on here,I wanted Theotown added localization currency system for it.Like the in your created system ,like English(US) uses $ and For Simplified Chinese are used(元)in the currencies system .On this idea ,I will give all of the currency system with the logical language of a country.
Indonesia=Rp. on left(and used no decimal at all)
Malaysia=RM on left(and used demical with .01) or used your system and created of global currency system. or created a currency for Theotown© like TT$,T$ or TTDollar and created your currency symbol.

2.Upgrade Transportation Systems for making the capabilities of a city to make profit or positive tax income to upgrade the habitatans live level .
Example:Build the Port for Habitatans transport have a another choice like WaterBus,Ferry Ship,Water Taxi,and etc.
Firstly,I Have Posted the topic at the official forum with my username(Henderion The Mayor) was titled as Added TV/Cable TV System
This Is 2.0 of the original because this is a brand new proposal with some new idea of it .
Maintenance Cost can be Calculated on this price $3,000/Month for 1 Channel who consits a diameter of 30 unit in game . and Max for TV Station is 2 to 5(Can be discussed) and be consistently to said and I want moderator and graphics editor try to draw the internet system at Theotown.
4.The Public Library
This is brand new idea of thinking in my idea at 1am(GMT/UTC +8). This is first thinking of library.
First the building are can be listed in education tab and consits a half of maintenance fee by the Museum. And also buid a completely University for future. and make the maintenance fee are 120% of high school maintenance fee.

Lastly, I wanted to thanks all from Theotown© Unofficial Forum to review my idea file.Thx
FINISHED AT:2017/02/04 01:20(GMT/UTC +8)
On My House at Kuala Lumpur(KL),Malaysia
If you have any questions, you can post to my Facebook: Henderson Yap (as you can see 2 account add 2 all,I will postback your Request as fast as I can) or mail to


I think you should post it on the official forum, because developers are not on theocentre and probably won't read it.

You are here » TheoCentre » Discussion » Some Idea to Theotown