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No premium, instead - paid DLCs

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Hey Mayors,

Today TheoTheoderich posted an announcement on the official website:

Due to many feedback from TheoTown players, we decided not to release a premium version of TheoTown, but to offer individual game elements and graphics as in-app purchases.

So there will be no premium, but only a free version of TheoTown that can be upgraded with in-app purchases.

No one will be forced to spend money on TheoTown. The basic game will be free as before.
However, individual game elements or graphics packages can be purchased separately, if the player would like to.

We are not sure about the prices for the InApp-Purchases, but they will not be very high.

Currently, the following In-App packages are planned for purchase:
- Military base
(including an ufo-disaster)

- Airport
(including parts for a small airfield, a small airport and an international airport)

- Building package 1
(includes level 1 building and decoration tiles for RES, COM and IND)

- Building package 2
(includes Level 2 buildings and decoration tiles for RES, COM and IND)

- Building package 3
(includes Level 3 buildings and decoration tiles for RES, COM and IND)

- Service package
(includes waste disposal, cemetery, crematorium, large fire brigade and large police station)

All purchased packages will receive additional buildings over time.

From time to time there will also be new buildings for the free version.

Please note:
Much planned content is not final yet and can change at any time in the future.
However, it will take a few weeks before the InApp purchases will be available in the game.
The upcoming plug-in system will be available without purchase.

I really don't like this idea :(
I would prefer to buy a premium version with all additional buildings.
What do you think?


I think that is a ridiculous idea can make us been paid more than usual with buy one by one in a time. if have a premium version that will be easy all in purchase. I am felt so sad to this announcement.:'(


@Henderion the mayor
Yeah, that way we have to pay even more for TheoTown :|


At least the plugin system will be free.


And I found out the reason why, it's that Lobby wants to make more than a hobby out of this game, so he needs money to pay the cost of game developing programs. He also stated that he did get income from ads, but less (because of some players that hide ads in the settings)


I personally hide ads, because they cover some things and you can't use them

You are here » TheoCentre » Trash » No premium, instead - paid DLCs