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No pause & watching an ad for speeding up? Really?

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Lobby said it's just a test, but I hope it will be removed. Basically - don't update to 249. You can't pause the game anymore. When you tap the speed button, it gives you a notification that you can watch an ad to speed up the game by 500 days.

I understand developers need ads for revenue to develop the game further, but really, this is too much. I can watch an ad using the options that were already (like getting money with an ad), but really, speeding up with an ad?

I want it to be removed, and to get the pause button back. What do you think?


Lobby disappointed me again, and made me kinda happy at the same time, with this:

Lobby wrote:

I agree, the pause button has to come back. I don't agree, that we have to offer it for free. Instead we will use a secondary currency that can be earned by just playing the game.

I mean, really? A special currency? Lobby also said it'll be used to unlock building packages, but I don't like the idea of pausing with it at all. Even if it will be easy to earn it, it is not good.
The old system was good and everyone liked it, why did you have to change it?
TheoTown is going in the wrong direction, I am very disappointed with it.


And it's free, since then

You are here » TheoCentre » Trash » No pause & watching an ad for speeding up? Really?